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Monthly Archive: July 2011

Windows Mobile

How Not to Present a Session at a Techical Conference

Prior to the Mobile and Embedded Developer Conference (MEDC) back in 2007, my teammates Loke Uei Tan, Mike Hall, James Pratt, Derek Snyder and I made a movie that illustrates presentation worst practices…


Happy 20th Birthday Visual Basic :: VB Under the Sea

In what turned out to be the most important decision I’ve ever made in my computing career, I bought that copy of VB and proceeded to teach myself how to use it.

Windows 7 Tablet

Windows 7 Slates: Rapid App Deployment

If you’re delivering an app that requires all the power of .NET though, you might consider using version 3.51 since it’s part of the Windows 7 OS image.

ThinkPad x120e

The ThinkPad x120e is a Pocket Rocket!

While it may appear to be competing with high-end Netbooks, there’s actually no comparison. The AMD Fusion processor blows the latest Intel Atoms out of the water.