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Monthly Archive: June 2017

IoT Minute Episode 40: The Edge is your Data Backstop

Sometimes when things like industrial machines or connected cars send overwhelming amounts of data in small amounts of time, edge devices can serve as an effective data backstop.

IoT Minute Episode 39: Moving Data from the Edge to your Core Platform

Once data has been filtered or analyzed at the edge, you’re probably wondering how remaining data in need of further processing makes it to your Core Platform.

IoT Minute Episode 38: From Climbing to Smart Escalators

The human progression of climbing is analogous to the IoT maturity model that leads us to smart connected products.

Top IoT Website

ROBTIFFANY.COM Named in the Top 100 Websites for IoT Industry Professionals

Thrilled to see included in this distinguished group of the world’s top Internet of Things companies, news sites and individual IoT influencers and luminaries like Rob van Kranenburg, Peggy Smedley, Stacey Higginbotham and Scott Amyx.

IoT Minute Episode 37: Edge Gateway Data Filtering Examples

Check out this quick list of edge gateway data filtering and bandwidth conservation examples to get you going:

IoT Minute Episode 36: Machine Learning at the Edge

While you might think Machine Learning is an activity that only takes place in the cloud or on a cluster of powerful servers, there’s no reason why this can’t happen at the edge.

IoT Minute Episode 35: IFTTT Analytics at the Edge

For a particular device type, it’s a good idea to perform IFTTT analytics on the edge gateway to get quick answers to questions or filter out the noise of repetitive data.

IoT Minute Episode 33: A Continuum of Edge Gateway Analytics

There’s potentially a large continuum of analytics to be performed (or not) depending on the capabilities of your edge gateway.