Rob Tiffany

Monthly Archive: October 2017

IoT Minute Episode 60: Making More Money via Real Time Inventory

By capturing real time inventory data from vending machines, smart shelves and other instrumented sources of retail data, you learn customer preferences which let you quickly manipulate product mix to increase sales.

IoT Minute Episode 59: The Internet of Inventory

The Internet of Inventory is all about remote monitoring use cases where sensors send telemetry over wireless networks to tell us current inventory so we can make intelligent decisions about what to stock.

IoT Minute Episode 58: The Evolution of Remote Monitoring from Manual to Mobile to IoT

In this episode I use the example of “meter reading” to describe the evolution of remote monitoring.

IoT Minute Episode 57: Quick Wins with Simple Remote Monitoring Use Cases

There’s tremendous value to be uncovered via thousands of use cases based on simple IoT remote monitoring.