Rob Tiffany

Industrial IoT and the Role of Artificial Intelligence

Rob Tiffany and Kevin Benedict

At Mobile World Congress I spoke with Kevin Benedict where we discussed the Industrial Internet of Things and the important role of Artificial Intelligence.

A big thanks to SAP for hosting us in their booth and filming our interview.


  1. Guy Champan

    Hi Rob,
    For many years you have been a big help for mobile devices programming. I have been able to implement several DB application for the automotive industry. Till last years I have been using Windows CE for the mobile devices. The challenge is to port the existing applications to IOS and Android. My Problem is that I cannot use the Azure SQL Service in the current IT-Environment. This Service is simply not available.
    I did test sqlite sync Framework on Xamarin, but this was not very successful since the framework has still many limitations… Is there a robust alternative to SQL Azure?
    Thanks for your help and your continuous Work.

    1. Rob Tiffany (Post author)

      Hi Guy. I haven’t worked in the mobile database sync space in a while. I heard of a mobile Mongo DB solution that will sync with Mongo on the server or cloud. Might be worth a look.

  2. L. Sanders

    You might want to look at Firebase.
    This might be what your looking for.


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