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IoT Minute Episode 29: Connecting Smart Devices to Edge Gateways

When it comes to connecting Smart Devices, your Edge Gateway must be a Swiss Army Knife in order to be valuable.

IoT Minute Episode 28: The Anatomy of an IoT Edge Gateway

IoT Edge Gateways are comprised of numerous components that make southbound connections to devices, northbound connections to backend systems and perform all kinds of tasks in between.

IoT Minute Episode 27: Gateways at the Edge of the Corporate Network

In most business scenarios, IoT Edge Gateways typically live at the Edge of the Corporate Network.

IoT Minute Episode 24: Introduction to Edge Gateways

Despite what you may have heard, telemetry is not always sent directly from device to cloud in the IoT world.

IoT Minute Episode 22: Connecting Old-School Things

It’s important to remember that the Internet of Things isn’t always about connecting new, modern devices to the Internet. 

IoT Minute Episode 16: How do you Connect your Things?

Machines and devices with compute, networking and storage are typically connected via a software development kit (SDK) that packages together all the sensor values and sends them over the network to a gateway or server.

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Improve Productivity by Publishing Services to Mobile Employees via a Web Gateway

Rather than extending your entire network out to mobile devices via VPN, publish individual services through a web gateway or the cloud. Most remote employees gain access to Intranet resources through a virtual private network (VPN). Using 3rd party or…
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