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Mobile Future Forward

Mobile Future Forward

Thrilled to participate at Mobile Future Forward in Seattle where we took a deep dive on Connected Intelligence: Man, Machine, and Platforms.

Top IoT Website

ROBTIFFANY.COM Named in the Top 100 Websites for IoT Industry Professionals

Thrilled to see included in this distinguished group of the world’s top Internet of Things companies, news sites and individual IoT influencers and luminaries like Rob van Kranenburg, Peggy Smedley, Stacey Higginbotham and Scott Amyx.

IoT Minute Episode 22: Connecting Old-School Things

It’s important to remember that the Internet of Things isn’t always about connecting new, modern devices to the Internet.¬†

IoT Minute Episode 21: Consumer IoT Communications

Unlike many Industrial Internet and M2M systems, Consumer things typically communicate using the same technologies that power most of the Internet like HTTP and RESTful services.

IoT Minute Episode 3: Transporting Data with AMQP

AMQP is a lightweight, efficient, full-duplex protocol that comes from the financial sector and is a great choice to support M2M and Internet of Things data transport requirements.

IoT Minute Episode 2: Transporting Data with MQTT

MQTT is a lightweight, efficient, full-duplex protocol that follows a publish/subscribe model which makes it great for M2M and Internet of Things data transport requirements.

M2M Influencer

Rob Tiffany Named a Top 100 M2M Influencer

In Onalytica’s 2016 analysis and ranking of individuals and brands in the Machine to Machine space, Rob was ranked a top 100 M2M influencer.

IoT Thought Leaders

Internet of Things Thought Leaders to Watch In the Next 4 Years

I’m thrilled and humbled to be named one of the world’s 29 top Internet of Things thought leaders. This distinguished list compiled by DADO Labs includes the following IoT luminaries: Eamon Aston Kunze Ronald van Loon Carrie MacGillivray Ian Moyse¬†…
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Speaking at VSLive! Redmond on Azure IoT

If you’re attending Visual Studio Live! Redmond 2015, come check out my session on Making the Internet of Things Real with Azure IoT Services. At Microsoft, we believe that the Internet of Things starts with your things by building on…
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