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IoT Minute Episode 39: Moving Data from the Edge to your Core Platform

Once data has been filtered or analyzed at the edge, you’re probably wondering how remaining data in need of further processing makes it to your Core Platform.

IoT Minute Episode 20: A Matrix of Things

To be successful in IoT, your platform must connect to as many things as possible which means your device SDKs must work with multiple embedded operating systems and support multiple programming languages.

IoT Minute Episode 19: Reliable Telemetry Transmission

In the real world, you can’t count on ubiquitous wireless coverage and therefore your device SDK must be able to cache sensor data locally and perform retries due to network failures to ensure you have a reliable system.

IoT Minute Episode 16: How do you Connect your Things?

Machines and devices with compute, networking and storage are typically connected via a software development kit (SDK) that packages together all the sensor values and sends them over the network to a gateway or server.