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IoT Minute Episode 68: A Failure to Launch?

What’s preventing the $11 Trillion Internet of Things business from launching into the stratosphere?

IoT Minute Episode 31: Authenticating Devices at the Edge

When authenticating devices via an edge gateway, you’re faced with unintelligent devices with no ability to authenticate and smart ones that can.

IoT Minute Episode 18: SDK Security and Identity

An Internet of Things software development kit should facilitate secure data transmission by passing along a unique identifier for the device, a secure access token or certificate and by creating an encrypted tunnel via TLS.

Connected World

The Year Ahead in the Industrial IoT

In 2016, we saw breathless growth in the industrial IoT market with a bewildering mix of solutions confronting the industrial operator.


Internet of Things Predictions for 2017

When it comes to IoT predictions, 2017 will see solutions solving business pain points jump to hyperspace as VC funding dries up for many platform plays.

Fort Knox

Mobile Apps Must be their own Fortress to Withstand Attacks from Hackers

A mobile app must be its own fortress and never assume platforms are encrypted, authenticated, use VPN or require a PIN for security.

San Antonio

Delivering Apps to Mobile Devices via Remote Pixel Projection is a Terrible Idea

The use of remote pixel projection technology to view Win32 apps on mobile devices should be considered nothing more than an interim workaround.


It’s Time to Dump your 1990s App Authentication

Migrate Win32 applications secured by client/server database logins to mobile apps that useĀ OAuth & enterprise cloud directories for authentication instead.

IoT Attack

12 Steps to Stop the Next IoT Attack in its Tracks

The recent distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) IoT attack against DNS is a wake up call to how fragile the Internet can be.