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IoT Minute Episode 59: The Internet of Inventory

The Internet of Inventory is all about remote monitoring use cases where sensors send telemetry over wireless networks to tell us current inventory so we can make intelligent decisions about what to stock.

IoT Minute Episode 57: Quick Wins with Simple Remote Monitoring Use Cases

There’s tremendous value to be uncovered via thousands of use cases based on simple IoT remote monitoring.

IoT Minute Episode 13: Sensors and Actuators

When it comes to the devices and machines that make up the “Things” in IoT, it’s all about the sensors that sense and the actuators that act.

12 Things About the Internet of Things

Here’s some quick data points from a variety of sources that spell out the value prop of the Internet of Things.


The Cloud is Dead, Long Live the Edge

We interrupt your regularly scheduled migration to the cloud to bring you a much more important megatrend called the Internet of Things.

Russell Wilson

The Industrial Internet of Things is Like Football

The Industrial Internet of Things is a lot like football. Sensors relay data to devices like a center hikes the ball to a quarterback.

Make your Apps More Personal and Contextual or Risk Losing Customers

Awaken those one-dimensional, client/server applications to all the sensors found on mobile devices that make them richly personal.

IoT Thought Leaders

Internet of Things Thought Leaders to Watch In the Next 4 Years

I’m thrilled and humbled to be named one of the world’s 29 top Internet of Things thought leaders. This distinguished list compiled by DADO Labs includes the following IoT luminaries: Eamon Aston Kunze Ronald van Loon Carrie MacGillivray Ian Moyse¬†…
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