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IoT Minute Episode 17: Receiving Commands on your Device

In order to update a device’s software, firmware, configuration or runtime behavior, it must be able to receive a message from a server called a command.

IoT Minute Episode 16: How do you Connect your Things?

Machines and devices with compute, networking and storage are typically connected via a software development kit (SDK) that packages together all the sensor values and sends them over the network to a gateway or server.

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Reduce Business Risk by Migrating your Legacy Software to Modern, Secure Platforms and Programming Languages

Businesses drag their feet when mobilizing line of business apps via legacy software migration thinking it’s cheaper to maintain a codebase than to rewrite.


Reduce Corporate Expenses by Configuring Devices and Delivering Apps to Users with MDM

When you’re ready to deploy apps or provision Wi-Fi, certificates, VPN or email to mobile devices, get an EMM solution to provide MDM.

Mobile is Eating the World

Benedict Evans’ presentation to Andreessen Horowitz about not only how software is eating the world but how Mobile is making technology universal. Sharing my knowledge and helping others never stops, so connect with me on my blog at , follow me…
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