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A Quick Note on Speedy, Scalable, Available Architectures


Just a few thoughts on concepts needed to give #mobile users of your SOA or RESTFul infrastructure the best, fastest User eXperience possible.

  • If you care about speed & scalability, your web service will always check the distributed cache before querying the database.
  • If you have to get your answer from your database, make sure to add the answer to your distributed cache concurrently with returning it to the user.
  • Don’t ever call your primary database directly.  Call one of your horizontally-scaled relational or NoSQL replicas.
  • Use download-only replication to create as many read-only replicas as you need.  Your replicas can contain complete copies of the primary database or just shards of data as appropriate.
  • When sending data up from the clients to your servers, never let your web services insert, update, or delete directly against the primary database or the replicas.
  • Have your web services drop that uploaded data in a queue and update the distributed cache while letting worker processes perform those DML operations against the primary database.
  • Use peer-to-peer replication to maintain more than one read/write primary database at the top of your hierarchy.
  • Remember to create and maintain more than one hierarchy in different geographies using the same peer-to-peer replication to provide even more availability, scalability, and performance to your mobile users all around the world.
  • Your mobile users will be connecting to your service via slow, intermittent, unpredictable wireless data networks so always use small, efficient wire protocols like REST and data serialization like JSON.

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