Happy Tech 2013

Here’s to having all your tech dreams come true in 2013!

  • May you seamlessly integrate with backend systems and data sources in a simple and consistent manner.
  • May replication enable your databases to scale horizontally in a shared-nothing fashion to give you just the right amount of sharding.
  • May your 15,000 RPM, RAID 10 disk arrays give way to SSDs or RAM-based storage.
  • May your distributed, in-memory cache prevent users from always having to make expensive SQL queries.
  • May your web servers scale to infinity in a stateless manner to provide websites and web services to millions.
  • May your load-balancers send client requests to the web server with the lightest load without ever requiring sticky sessions.
  • May your reverse-proxy securely publish your content out to the Internet.
  • May your wire-protocol be lightweight, RESTful, and firewall-friendly.
  • May your data be serialized as JSON and compressed to be as wireless-friendly as possible…even over GPRS.
  • And may all your client endpoints be mobile with offline data storage to deal with intermittent connectivity..

Happy New Year everyone!


1 thought on “Happy Tech 2013”

  1. Hi Rob, a quick review of my achievements against your wishes in the past year reveals that I have made at least 4 of them come true (the first one and the last 3)! Awaiting your Happy Tech wishes for 2014. Have a great year ahead!


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