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Reduce Business Risk by Utilizing Open Mobile Internet Standards

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The #mobile #Internet communicates with HTTP(S), follows an architectural style called #REST, serializes #data as JSON & compresses with GZip and Deflate.

These different standards weren’t mashed together by a working group. They represent a grass-roots phenomenon that transformed how the Internet communicates.

Data traverses the globe through routers and firewalls via the Hypertext Transfer Protocol HTTP(S). While standards bodies worked for years to create the simple object access protocol (SOAP), the representational state transfer protocol (REST) emerged from a Phd dissertation. REST used the basic verbs of HTTP including GET, POST, PUT and DELETE, to pass messages and call remote procedures across heterogeneous systems.

You probably remember the XML craze in the late 90s and early 2000s. This way of formatting data was self-describing and worked with any system. Unfortunately, it was quite verbose and therefore not as efficient across slower, wireless data networks. Luckily, the slimmed-down JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) data format came along and gave us a better and smaller way to serialize data. To further shrink data traversing the Internet, GZip and Deflate represent universal ways to compress everything. HTTP/2 is a game-changer with improved speed and multiplexing. Protocols like OData are based on REST/JSON and are found in many recent technology platforms. You should care about this stuff because it works with any browser, device or server.

Reduce risk to your business by betting on open standards to support all devices rather than taking dependencies on proprietary technologies you don’t control. What is your organization doing to eliminate vendor lock-in by moving from closed to open standards?

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Book Cover

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