IoT Coffee Talk: #YouTube Episode 27 – IoT Project Success

Welcome to IoT Coffee Talk where we have a chat about all things #IoT #IIoT #DigitalTwins #EdgeComputing #Cloud #DigitalTransformation #5G #AI #Data #Sustainability over a cup of coffee with some of the industry’s leading business minds, thought leaders and technologists in a totally unscripted, organic format.

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  1. Covid-19 and its Impact on IoT
  2. IoT Startups Part 1
  3. The Future of Smart Cities
  4. Digital Twins
  5. Business Models
  6. IoT Platforms
  7. Smart Home
  8. Low Code and No Code for IoT
  9. AI for IoT
  10. Edge Computing Part 1
  11. Edge Computing Part 2 Battle Royale
  12. IoT Architecture Part 1
  13. UN Sustainable Development Goal 1 – Poverty
  14. IoT Scale and Promise. What’s the Hold Up?
  15. IoT Security
  16. Blockchain
  17. 5G & IoT
  18. IoT Innovation
  19. Blockchain Strikes Back & Much More!
  20. UN SDG 6 – Water & Sanitation
  21. IoT Security Part 2
  22. iPhone 12 Smackdown
  23. IoT POC Hellish Purgatory
  24. IIoT Platform Magic Quadrant
  25. IoT in Education
  26. Honoring US Veterans & Revisiting the Covid-19 Crisis

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