A Quick Look at the iPhone 5C/S Event

Here’s a quick rundown of the iPhone 5C and 5S launch from my Twitter liveblog:

Where Apple is leading:

  • The 5S is running on a new, 64 bit A7 processor with a 64 bit version of iOS7.
  • The 5S is twice as fast as the iPhone 5 and supports Open GL/ES for games with desktop-level graphics performance.

Where Apple is playing catchup:

  • The CoreMotion API is a good idea and I had a unified Motion API on Windows Phone “Mango” a couple of years ago.
  • Using the Touch ID fingerprint reader to login to the device and make iTunes purchases is a good idea and I had a fingerprint reader on my Compaq iPAQ over a decade ago.
  • Using a bigger sensor, aperature, and pixels for the new camera helps them catch up to the innovations found in the HTC One but they’re still light years away from the innovations found in the Nokia Lumia 1020.
  • Purchasers of new iOS devices get all iWorks apps for free just like purchasers of Windows Phones have always gotten Microsoft Office for free.
  • As mentioned everywhere on the Internet, the iOS7 UI tries to cobble together the best of Windows Phone and Android Jelly  Bean while eliminating skeuomorphism.
  • The colorful polycarbonate iPhone 5C devices mimic the colorful polycarbonate Nokia Lumia devices.

Where Apple missed:

  • At $549, the iPhone 5C isn’t even close to being inexpensive enough to make a dent in the developing world the way Android & Nokia has.  When I can buy a Nokia Lumia 520 Windows Phone at Walmart off-contract for only $124, the value prop for the $549 iPhone 5C evaporates.  Apple shares have tanked as shareholders didn’t get the low cost device they demanded to boost the iPhone’s declining market share.
  • No improvement in battery life.

Is the iPhone 5S a decent upgrade to the iPhone 5?  Absolutely.  Is it the mind-blowing example of design and technology that we’ve come to expect from Apple?  Absolutely not.

– Rob

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A Quick Look at the iPhone 5C/S Event
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