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Submarine Warriors comes to The Dauntless Bookstore

Hey all you Submarine Warriors on the Kitsap Peninsula!

This Saturday from 1:00 – 3:00 PM I’ll be doing a book signing at The Dauntless Bookstore in Port Gamble.

I’ll be signing, reading from, and talking about my new novel, ‘Submarine Warriors > The Enemy Beneath.’  This book takes place and belongs to Kitsap County and our Navy and Submarine families.  This undersea adventure for Young Adults begins when the fathers of twelve year-old Caroline Connery, Nick Wyatt, and their friends mysteriously disappear during a top-secret submarine mission.  Not long after, Caroline receives a secret text message revealing the government’s story that their fathers died in an accident was actually a cover-up.  The two kids enlist the help of Caroline’s grandfather – a retired Navy Admiral – and their friends to rescue all of the dads.  A daring submarine theft results in the entire Pacific fleet chasing down the children with orders to sink them on sight.  Upon finding their fathers, Caroline and Nick are confronted by an even greater terror when they come face to face with the Underworlders, a previously unknown species living beneath the ocean floor that are bent on the complete annihilation of mankind.

Thanks to all the support from Macaroni Kid Kitsap, The Kitsap Sun, and the Kitsap Peninsula Visitor and Convention Bureau for helping to get the word out!

See you in Port Gamble!


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