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Empower your Demanding Mobile Line of Business Apps with SQLite and Offline Data Sync on Windows

Presenting at TechEd in Houston, watch my session: “Empower your Demanding #Mobile Line of Business Apps with SQLite and Offline Data Sync on Window.”

Most mobile apps require the ability to store data locally to deal with the realities of a disconnected world where ubiquitous wireless networks are non-existent.  While many consumer apps get by with saving light amounts of information as small files, the data requirements of mobile line-of-business apps is significantly greater.  With Windows 8.1 and MSOpenTech’s Portable Class Library for SQLite, .NET developers can build structured data storage into their apps.

In this video, I walk you through creating local databases and tables and show you how to work with offline data.  I also demonstrate a new data sync capability in Microsoft Azure Mobile Services which uses SQLite for local data storage and change tracking.  It even detects data conflicts during a sync so your can resolve them either programmatically or interactively.  There’s no faster way to build robust mobile apps to meet your most demanding enterprise needs.  If you know me, you know that I’ve been in the mobile data sync business for well over a decade and I’ve designed and developed many of the world’s largest architectures.

Where you may have used SQL Compact in the past, now you can use SQLite.  Likewise, where you’ve used the Sync Framework or Merge Replication before, take a look at Azure Mobile Services today.  It might be time to move your mobile enterprise application platform to an mBaaS architecture.  Either way, you still sync data with SQL Server.  I’m really excited about the next chapter in this journey where SQLite runs across all mobile platforms and synchronizes with cloud and on-premise data stores via Azure Mobile Services.

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