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Today, Robbie Bach and my good friend Derek Snyder launched Microsoft’s newest Windows Phones at an event in San Francisco.

Two phones for the socially-connected crowd with multi-touch screens and slide-out keyboards.  We worked with Sharp on the hardware plus Verizon and Vodafone for the wireless networks.


Compact keyboard for one-handed texting + 5 megapixel camera + shoots standard video + mono speaker + 4 GB of storage for 1,000 songs + Zune

one_settings_web   one_loop_web


Large keyboard for two-handed texting + 8 megapixel camera + shoots HD video + stereo speakers + 8 GB of storage for 2,000 songs + Zune

two_settings_web   two_loop_web


Cloud storage to keep all those photos, videos, contacts and texts so you’ll never run out of space on your phone and lose a memory


If you’re a heavy texter and a regular on Facebook and Twitter then these phones are for you.

– Rob

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