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The Moab Foundation

In August of 2018, I began writing code to create a distributed #DigitalTwin + #DigitalThread platform I called Moab to deliver on the promise of connected intelligence. #IoT #IIoT

Taking my 20+ years of experience in IoT, I poured-in all the best practices I’d learned from Vendlink, NetPerceptor, Azure IoT, Hitachi Lumada, & Asset Avatars to build a lightweight, portable system that could run at the Edge or in any Cloud. I created this product inside a startup company I launched called Enterprise IoT.

Right about the time I got Moab to MVP stage, I joined Ericsson to help them on their Internet Of Things journey. Since then, people often ask me what I’ve done with the product and code I built. Many of you know I’m passionate about Sustainability and one of the best ways I can help is to make Moab Open Source and available to help tackle the world’s biggest challenges including hunger, climate change and water scarcity to name a few.

With its ability to Digitize the world, monitor the environment, and take action on insights, Moab will be put to work helping NGOs, non-profits, concerned enterprises and government agencies achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Enterprise IoT will become a non-profit called The Moab Foundation. This my vision and it’s how I plan go give back. The Earth, it’s ecosystems, and humanity are running out of time. I’m just one person and certainly can’t do this alone, so I’ll be asking for help.

Let’s get to work!

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