“When Old Tech Becomes New”

Welcome to IoT Coffee Talk🎙️194 to chat about #DigitalTransformation #Tech #Security #Analytics #Automation #IoT #DigitalTwins #Edge #Cloud #5G #AI #Data #Industry40 #SmartCities & #Sustainability over a cup of coffee.

Grab a cup and settle-in with some of the industry’s leading business minds and technology thought leaders for a lively, irreverent, and informative discussion about IoT in a totally unscripted, organic format.

This week, Andreea, Pete, Steve, and Leonard jump on Web3 to talk about:

  • BAD KARAOKE: The Covid Song – Peter Bernard
  • Yes, it happened again. We lost an episode.
  • Is RFID a thing again?
  • Will 5G explode as adoption stalls but the features pile up?
  • The tech is there and ready. Why is no one buying?
  • Do LLMs and SMMs matter at the edge of the IoT?
  • The trust problem with predictive maintenance
  • Translating hyped technology into a TAM
  • Why hype is no bueno (again!)
  • How 5G lost everything
  • Don’t be mad at us. We are just trying to help

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