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Windows Phone 8 Emerges

Windows Phone 8 Tiles

The first glimpse of Windows Phone 8 emerged in San Francisco today.

Joe Belfiore, Terry Myerson, and Kevin Gallo took the world on a tour of Microsoft’s next smartphone.  I’m confident that Windows Phone 8 will leapfrog our smartphone competitors so dramatically that they’ll never catch up.  Before diving into the highlights of today’s Windows Phone Summit, just take a look at our beautiful new Start screen:

Windows Phone 8 Tiles

Windows Phone 8 is just Gorgeous!

I’m going to get you up to speed with our new phone as rapidly as possible, so hold on to your seat!

  1. Shares Windows 8 core > Kernel > Networking > Filesystem > Multimedia > Driver model > Security > Graphics
  2. Multi-core chipsets > Dual core coming this Fall
  3. More screen resolutions > WVGA > WXGA > 720p
  4. MicroSD cards > Removable storage for pictures, music > Sideload enterprise apps
  5. IE10 > Same as Windows 8 > 2x the HTML5 support and 4x JavaScript performance > App cache > IndexedDB > SmartScreen Filter
  6. Native Code > C/C++ for killer games with DirectX
  7. NFC > Sharing > Tap to pay
  8. Wallet > Credit cards > Coupons > Secure SIM > In-app purchasing
  9. Nokia Maps > Offline maps work without data connection > Turn by turn
  10. Enterprise > BitLocker > Secure boot > Device management > Private app distribution (on prem/cloud) > App sandboxing
  11. Start Screen > More tile sizes > S|M|L > More colors > More personal
  12. WP7/7.5 apps will run unchanged on WP8
  13. XAML/C#/VB apps > Compiled to machine code in the cloud to boost performance > Same for existing 7/7.5 apps
  14. SQLite open source libraries are available for Metro apps on W8 and WP8
  15. Multitasking > More things can run in the background > Location > Navigation
  16. Voice and Video > Integrated into platform > Just like traditional calls >  Accessible to developers
  17. Speech > Developers can add conversational speech to their apps
  18. Visual Studio 2012 > Single IDE to create Windows Phone 7/7.5/8 apps and games
  19. Hybrid apps > Browser control based on IE10
  20. Company Hub > Example of private app distribution > Self-service IT
  21. SDK > Available later this summer
  22. Launch partners > Nokia > Samsung > Huawei > HTC > Silicon from Qualcomm
  23. Global platform > 50 languages > Full RTL (Hebrew, Arabic)
  24. Software updates > Over the air (OTA) > No more tethering > Device updates for 18 months after launch
  25. Marketplace > 100,000 apps > 180 countries
  26. Upgrade > Existing WP7/7.5 devices are not upgradable to WP8 > Sorry > Next-Gen hardware needed
  27. Consolation Prize > Your existing WP7.5 device will get upgrade to WP7.8 > Gets  beautiful new Start Screen tiles
  28. Nokia > Updates to current Lumia devices > DLNA > Data/Voice usage counters > Music > Camera Extras > Nokia Drive

Let’s take one more look at our new Windows Phone 8 Start screen:

Windows Phone 8 Tiles

I hope you’re as thrilled as I am about Windows Phone 8!  Our journey begins today.  To learn more, join me and other members of the Windows Phone team in Amsterdam next week at TechEd Europe.

– Rob

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5 thoughts on “Windows Phone 8 Emerges”

  1. Great article Rob! Definitely a big, bold move for the next version of windows phone. On a tactical note, do you know if the new OS will support Bluetooth peripherals like keyboards and mice?

    1. While the phone will support expected Bluetooth things like headsets and car connections, I don’t yet know anything about other peripherals.


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