Windows Phone 8 Emerges

The first glimpse of Windows Phone 8 emerged in San Francisco today.

Joe Belfiore, Terry Myerson, and Kevin Gallo took the world on a tour of Microsoft’s next smartphone.  I’m confident that Windows Phone 8 will leapfrog our smartphone competitors so dramatically that they’ll never catch up.  Before diving into the highlights of today’s Windows Phone Summit, just take a look at our beautiful new Start screen:

Windows Phone 8 Tiles

Windows Phone 8 is just Gorgeous!

I’m going to get you up to speed with our new phone as rapidly as possible, so hold on to your seat!

  1. Shares Windows 8 core > Kernel > Networking > Filesystem > Multimedia > Driver model > Security > Graphics
  2. Multi-core chipsets > Dual core coming this Fall
  3. More screen resolutions > WVGA > WXGA > 720p
  4. MicroSD cards > Removable storage for pictures, music > Sideload enterprise apps
  5. IE10 > Same as Windows 8 > 2x the HTML5 support and 4x JavaScript performance > App cache > IndexedDB > SmartScreen Filter
  6. Native Code > C/C++ for killer games with DirectX
  7. NFC > Sharing > Tap to pay
  8. Wallet > Credit cards > Coupons > Secure SIM > In-app purchasing
  9. Nokia Maps > Offline maps work without data connection > Turn by turn
  10. Enterprise > BitLocker > Secure boot > Device management > Private app distribution (on prem/cloud) > App sandboxing
  11. Start Screen > More tile sizes > S|M|L > More colors > More personal
  12. WP7/7.5 apps will run unchanged on WP8
  13. XAML/C#/VB apps > Compiled to machine code in the cloud to boost performance > Same for existing 7/7.5 apps
  14. SQLite open source libraries are available for Metro apps on W8 and WP8
  15. Multitasking > More things can run in the background > Location > Navigation
  16. Voice and Video > Integrated into platform > Just like traditional calls >  Accessible to developers
  17. Speech > Developers can add conversational speech to their apps
  18. Visual Studio 2012 > Single IDE to create Windows Phone 7/7.5/8 apps and games
  19. Hybrid apps > Browser control based on IE10
  20. Company Hub > Example of private app distribution > Self-service IT
  21. SDK > Available later this summer
  22. Launch partners > Nokia > Samsung > Huawei > HTC > Silicon from Qualcomm
  23. Global platform > 50 languages > Full RTL (Hebrew, Arabic)
  24. Software updates > Over the air (OTA) > No more tethering > Device updates for 18 months after launch
  25. Marketplace > 100,000 apps > 180 countries
  26. Upgrade > Existing WP7/7.5 devices are not upgradable to WP8 > Sorry > Next-Gen hardware needed
  27. Consolation Prize > Your existing WP7.5 device will get upgrade to WP7.8 > Gets  beautiful new Start Screen tiles
  28. Nokia > Updates to current Lumia devices > DLNA > Data/Voice usage counters > Music > Camera Extras > Nokia Drive

Let’s take one more look at our new Windows Phone 8 Start screen:

Windows Phone 8 Tiles

I hope you’re as thrilled as I am about Windows Phone 8!  Our journey begins today.  To learn more, join me and other members of the Windows Phone team in Amsterdam next week at TechEd Europe.

– Rob

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5 thoughts on “Windows Phone 8 Emerges”

  1. Great article Rob! Definitely a big, bold move for the next version of windows phone. On a tactical note, do you know if the new OS will support Bluetooth peripherals like keyboards and mice?

    • While the phone will support expected Bluetooth things like headsets and car connections, I don’t yet know anything about other peripherals.



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