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Wrap a Web API around Your Enterprise & Take Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Data Offline w/ NoSQL via Universal Apps for Windows

Windows NoSQL

At TechEd New Zealand, I presented a session on how to integrate a company’s backend systems into SQL Server 2014 and deliver that data out to #mobile devices via Web APIs to support the operations of occasionally-connected apps on mobile devices using NoSQL tables.

Enterprise mobility is a top priority for Chief Information Officers who must empower employees and reach customers by moving data from backend systems out to apps on mobile devices.  This data must flow over inefficient wireless data networks, be consumable by any mobile device, and scale to support millions of users while delivering exceptional performance.  Since wireless coverage is inconsistent, apps must store this data offline so users can be productive in the absence of connectivity.

In this video, I’ll teach you how mashup disparate backend systems into high-speed, SQL Server 2014 in-memory staging tables.  I boost the speed even further through the use of natively-compiled stored procedures and then link them to fast and scalable REST + JSON APIs using the ASP.NET Web API while employing techniques such as in-memory caching.  On the device, I’ll show you how your apps can work with offline data via in-memory NoSQL tables that use LINQ to support the same CRUD operations as relational databases.  You’ll walk away from this session with the ability to deliver flexible server solutions that work on-premises or in Azure and device solutions that work with Windows Phones, Tablets or Laptops.

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