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IoT Minute Episode 67: The Powerful Things IoT, MEAP and MDM Platforms have in Common

I’ve had the great fortune to participate in the creation of numerous Internet of Things, Mobile Device Management and Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms over the course of my career.

IoT Minute Episode 58: The Evolution of Remote Monitoring from Manual to Mobile to IoT

In this episode I use the example of “meter reading” to describe the evolution of remote monitoring.

Mobile Future Forward

Mobile Future Forward

Thrilled to participate at Mobile Future Forward in Seattle where we took a deep dive on Connected Intelligence: Man, Machine, and Platforms.

IoT Minute Episode 9: The Law of Big Numbers

We’re going from a few billion mobile devices provisioned by humans to tens of billions of Internet of Things devices that really need to provision themselves if we hope to hit these big numbers.


Mobile World Congress 2017 in Pictures

Welcome to beautiful Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2017 where this year’s event was more about IoT, VR, 5G and AR while less about Mobile.

IoT Stars @ Mobile World Congress 2017

IoT Stars is a high-profile pitching event for Internet of Things startups during Mobile World Congress and I had the pleasure of serving as a judge.

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Mobile WebViews Close the Performance Gap with Native Apps

New WebViews with the same performance as mobile browsers mean web skills are finally viable for building fast, cross-platform hybrid apps.


Give Smartphone Users Mobile Web Apps or Else!

Replace heavyweight, desktop focused, bandwidth eating, Web 1.0 sites with lightweight Mobile Web apps using responsive web design.

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Delivering Apps to Mobile Devices via Remote Pixel Projection is a Terrible Idea

The use of remote pixel projection technology to view Win32 apps on mobile devices should be considered nothing more than an interim workaround.