#SDG14 : Conserve and Sustainably use the #Oceans, Seas and Marine Resources for Sustainable Development


This #UnitedNations #SustainableDevelopment goal is focused on #CleanSeas and preserving #MarineLife below #Water. #SDGs #GlobalGoals #Tech4Good #BlueNature #DecadeOfAction

A Manhattan Project to Save the America from Drought

Phase 3

As the Earth continues to warm, our weather becomes increasingly unpredictable. While flash floods wreak havoc on some areas of the United States, many others are devastated by seemingly unending drought. #climatechange

I Love what Matt Damon is doing to bring Clean Water to the World

World Oceans

You might not believe it, but while two-thirds of the Earth is covered by water, only 3% of it actually is drinkable. This means that roughly 1 billion people are unable to find the clean drinking water they need to survive. When you add inadequate sanitation to the equation, the number of people put at risk more than doubles. This culminates in the heartbreaking stat that over 3 million people die yearly from water-related diseases.