Digital Twin Prototypes and Models

The digital twin prototype is created before the physical twin and the digital twin model is used to define a type of entity or process. What is a Prototype? The digital twin prototype is typically comprised of engineering designs, processes, relevant analysis, and a visual representation to create the physical product or process. As you … Read more

Digital Twins Defined

What are digital twins and where did they come from? What are they? A digital twin is a digital representation of a physical object, process, place, person, or system that sits at the intersection of connectivity, data and analytics. At a high level, the digital twin concept is comprised of three parts. The physical space, … Read more

neXt Curve Webcast: Democratizing The Digital Twin

The Digital Twin is considered by some the next big thing since network slicing. Rob Tiffany, renowned IoT pioneer established the non-profit Moab Foundation to bring the bigness of digital twins to do good in the world.

Your Next Employee Might be a Digital Twin Powered by an AI Bot

A company is a collection of roles filled by people who are assisted by machines, networks, and software to accomplish tasks needed to achieve the goals of the organization. Can these roles be represented by Digital Twins and can AI Bots carry out their activities? Back in the Summer of 2019, I wrote a provocative … Read more