Connecting Old-School Things

It’s important to remember that #IoT isn’t always about connecting new, modern devices to the Internet. In the #industrial world, companies don’t get rid of things the way a typical teenager does with a smartphone. True success comes from connecting systems, #protocols, #data formats and #communications technologies that have been around for decades.

Reduce Business Risk by Enforcing Security Policies on Data with Digital Rights Management

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To enforce #mobile data security policies directly, get an EMM solution with digital rights management to protect data where it flows & rests.

Windows Phone 8 and the Enterprise Feature Pack

I’m pleased to announce that we are enhancing the business capabilities of Windows Phone 8 with the Enterprise Feature Pack. Building on technologies like Secure UEFI Boot, BitLocker, and TPM, an update to Windows Phone 8 will arrive in the first half of calendar year 2014 that increases IT control while boosting employee productivity.  The Enterprise Feature … Read more Windows Phone 8 and the Enterprise Feature Pack