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Daring Greatly in 2021

A small group of innovators spent 2021 in the Arena addressing Agriculture 4.0 issues including a rapidly growing population, the scarcity of natural resources, climate change, and food waste using 5G and Industrial Internet of Things technologies. Let’s start by looking at the problems: With Earth’s population nearing 10 billion by 2050, growers must double […]

Digital Twin Prototypes and Models

The digital twin prototype is created before the physical twin and the digital twin model is used to define a type of entity or process. What is a Prototype? The digital twin prototype is typically comprised of engineering designs, processes, relevant analysis, and a visual representation to create the physical product or process. As you […]

Digital Twin Models and Rules

As part of my series on #DigitalTwins, I’ve discussed the creation of a Digital Twin Model which defines a type, or class of physical entity from which instances of digital twins are derived. Once you’ve added telemetry, virtual, static, or command properties, it’s time to make use of this #metadata with rules.