The Architect of Gartner Magic Quadrant and IDC MarketScape Leading Industrial IoT Platforms Microsoft Azure IoT + Hitachi Lumada IIoT, Rob has held technical leadership roles at Ericsson, Hitachi, and Microsoft.

As Vice President and Head of IoT Strategy at Ericsson, he drove 5G connection management with the IoT Accelerator and participated in global M&A activities. As Chief Technology Officer at Hitachi, he received the Presidential “Product of the Year” award for designing the Lumada Industrial IoT platform which landed in Gartner’s “Leaders” Magic Quadrant. Spending most of his career at Microsoft, Rob was Director and Global Technology Lead for the Azure IoT cloud platform which also made it to Gartner’s “Leaders Quadrant.” Prior to Microsoft, he co-founded NetPerceptor developing one of the industry’s earliest Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platforms for smartphones.

As a bestselling author and keynote speaker, Rob is a frequently sought-after source of insights globally. He’s been featured in Wired, Forbes, Fierce Wireless, Inc. Magazine, Dataconomy, Thinkers360, Onalytica, Mobile World Live, Techonomy, and SXSW.

For Speaking or Media Inquiries, contact Rob at robtiffany at gmail dot com

Industry Accolades:

  • IoT Solutions Leader of the Year – IoT World
  • Top Ten Global Executives Driving Engagement in Tech and Innovation – Onalytica
  • Top Ten Digital Twin Thought Leader and Influencer – Thinkers 360
  • Who’s Who in IoT Connectivity – Onalytica
  • Top 30 Internet of Things Experts – Inc Magazine
  • Who’s Who in Industry 4.0 – Onalytica
  • President’s Technology Award for Inventing Lumada IIoT – Hitachi
  • Top Ten Digital Twin Thought Leader and Influencer – Thinkers 360
  • Who’s Who in IIoT – Onalytica
  • Top 100 IoT Influencers – CBT
  • Top 50 Global Thought Leader on Cloud Computing – Thinkers 360
  • IoT Influencer Spotlight – Insight.Tech
  • Top 100 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers – TAM
  • Top Ten Mobility Though Leaders – Thinkers 360
  • Top IoT Influencers To Follow – MarkTechPost
  • Top 10 Internet of Things Influencers – Klout
  • The Top 50 IoT People to Follow on Twitter – IoT Central
  • Top 100 M2M Influencer – Onalytica
  • Top 30 Technology Influencers – Apollo Target
  • Internet of Things Thought Leaders to Watch In the Next 4 Years – DADO Labs
  • Top 50 Influential Mobile Industry Personalities to Watch Out For – ContractIQ
  • The Internet of Things Landscape: Top 100 Individuals and Brands – Onalytica
  • 10 Internet of Things Influencers You Need to Know – Dataconomy
  • The 50 Must-Read IT Blogs – BizTech Magazine
  • 10 Mobility Influencers on Twitter You Can’t Afford to Miss – Visage Mobile.
  • The Best Business Blogs – Exigent Networks

Books Authored:

Magazine Articles Authored:

  • JSP vs JSP – Java Developers Journal
  • Upgrade JBuilder’s Speed and its Servlets – JBuilder Developers Journal
  • Servlet Development with JBuilder – JBuilder Developers Journal
  • Debugging Servlets – Java Developers Journal
  • Getting Started with Java on PDAs – Java Developers Journal
  • Product Review: ServletDebugger 2.0 – Java Developers Journal
  • Dynamic Page Compilation with the Java Web Server – Java Developers Journal
  • What is Wireless – DevBuzz
  • Wireless Wire Protocols – DevBuzz
  • VB Under the Sea – VB@10 for Apress
  • How Can I Port an eVB App to VB6? – Visual Basic Developer
  • Writing your first Pocket PC Program – Visual Basic Developer
  • Introducing the Visual Database Tools in Visual Studio .NET – Pinnacle Publishing
  • Building a Windows Service with Visual Basic .NET – Visual Basic Developer

Public Interviews:

  • Windows Phone on .NET Rocks!
  • Microsoft MEAP at Tech Ed Europe 2009
  • Offline Enabled Apps at Tech Ed NA 2008
  • Mobile Merge Replication at MEDC 2007
  • Channel 9 interview about Mobile Line of Business Accelerator 2008

Instructor/Courseware Developer:

  • Server-Side JavaScript with Active Server Pages 3.0
  • Creating COM DLLs with Visual C++ using the Active Template Library
  • Connected Services Framework
  • Windows Phone 7.5 Development

Conference Event Owner:

  • Hitachi Next 2017 Developers Conference
  • Microsoft Mobile and Embedded Developers Conference (MEDC) 2007 Worldwide content co-owner
  • Microsoft TechEd North America 2007 Mobile IT Pro track owner
  • Microsoft TechEd North America 2008 Mobile track owner
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile Partner Summit 2007 technical track owner
  • Microsoft TechReady: Windows Phone track owner

Software Shipped at Digital Insights

  • Greenhouse Sustainability Platform

Software/Hardware Shipped at Ericsson

  • IoT Accelerator Cellular Connection Management Platform
  • Thunderstruck AgTech Platform

Software Shipped at Enterprise IoT:

  • Moab IoT Sustainability Platform

Software/Hardware Shipped at Hitachi:

  • Lumada 1.0 Industrial IoT Platform
  • Lumada 2.0 Industrial IoT Platform
  • Asset Avatar Digital Twins
  • Hitachi IoT Appliance A30

Software/Hardware Shipped at Microsoft:

Software Shipped at NetPerceptor:

  • NetPerceptor Mobile Device Management Platform


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