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IoT Coffee Talk

The Covid-19 Impact on IoT

Welcome to IoT Coffee Talk🎙️1 to chat about Digital #Tech #Analytics #Automation #IoT #DigitalTwins #Edge #Cloud #DigitalTransformation #5G #AI #Data #Industry40 & #Sustainability over a cup of coffee.

Grab a cup and settle-in with some of the industry’s leading business minds and technology thought leaders for a lively, irreverent, and informative discussion about IoT in a totally unscripted, organic format.

On this week’s episode, Rob Tiffany (Ericsson), David Vasquez (Verizon), Marc Pous (thethings.io) and Leonard Lee (neXt Curve) talk about some of the ways that the Covid-19 pandemic has inspired IoT innovations that are saving lives in Spain and around the world.

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Thanks for listening to us! Watch episodes at http://iotcoffeetalk.com/. Your hosts include Leonard Lee, Stephanie Atkinson, Marc Pous, David Vasquez, Rob Tiffany, Bill Pugh, Rick Bullotta and special guests.

We support Elevate Our Kids to bridge the digital divide by bringing K-12 computing devices and connectivity to support kids’ education in under-resourced communities. Please donate.

Applications at the Edge with The Hive

Our friends Gartner predict that by 2025, 75% of enterprise-generated data will be created and processed at the edge.

It is important for everyone to understand what kind of applications are more critical that require access to real-time data to unlock the insights for significant business benefits. Check out this insightful, on-demand video where Edge Computing leaders Robert High, ShiSh Shridhar, Sastry Malladi, Philippe Cases and I take you on an Edge Application deep-dive.

The Future of the IoT Connectivity Landscape

In this episode of the IoT For All #Podcast, Ericsson’s Head of IoT Strategy Rob Tiffany joins us to share his experience on the #IoT connectivity landscape and the #5G future of connectivity for IoT.

Rob gives his predictions for the future of the IoT market, speaks to the global adoption of IoT, and shares some of the key considerations companies should be taking into account when thinking about connectivity early in their IoT journey.

Listen to the Podcast on Spotify:

Lessons Learned from a Submarine and the Heroic Internet on the IoT Unicorn Podcast

In this episode, Rob Tiffany from @Ericsson and Pete Bernard from @Microsoft explore the development of #5G and #LPWA technology for #IoT solutions.

Pete and Rob discuss what it looks like for Telcos to be successful in the IoT space, and how the Internet is playing the hero during the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Top Ten Executives on Twitter

I’m truly honored to represent Ericsson as one of the top ten socially connected executives in the world driving #socialmedia engagement in #tech + #innovation by Onalytica.

It’s a humbling experience to be listed with Elon Musk at Tesla, Michael Dell at Dell, Tim Cook at Apple, Sundar Pichai at Google, Werner Vogels + Sandy Carter at Amazon Web Services (AWS) & Satya Nadella at Microsoft.

Elon MuskMichael DellSandy CarterTim CookSundar PichaiWerner VogelsSatya NadellaRob Tiffany

I take great pleasure in being a teacher and sharing my knowledge of various connected intelligence technologies like IoT, IIoT, Digital Twins, 5G, Edge Computing, Mobile, Sustainability, Climate Action, & others across LinkedIn, Twitter, my Blog, and as a conference keynote speaker.

Congratulations to all the executives in this distinguished list!

Live Life on the Edge: Episode One

On the Inaugural episode of “Live Life on the Edge Podcast,” Adam Livesay and I have a fascinating discussion. We go deep on IoT, Industry 4.0, 5G, and manufacturing.

Adman and I talk about my career from serving our country, to start-ups, to early days with Microsoft Azure, to launching the Hitachi Industrial IoT Platform Lumada, to my current role as VP & Head of IoT Strategy for Ericsson.

IoT Beyond the Hype with Leaders from the Industry

Back in 2015, McKinsey & Company estimated the IoT market had the potential to create between $4 – $11 trillion in value. Today’s perspective shows us we are dramatically short of those predictions.

Wienke Giezeman, CEO and Co-Founder @ The Things Industries, moderates this panel of IoT leaders to find out what went wrong and where we go from here. Panelists include:

  • Ferry Grijpink, Snr. Partner @ McKinsey & Company
  • Rob Tiffany, VP & Head of IoT Strategy @ Ericsson | Exec Director @ Moab Foundation
  • Sam George, Corporate Vice President of Azure IoT @ Microsoft
  • Alistair Fulton, General Manager, Wireless (LoRa) & Sensing Business @ Semtech
  • Pilgrim Beart, CEO @ DevicePilot
  • Wilfried Dron, CEO @ Wisebatt
IIoT Influencers

Top 100 Industrial Internet of Things IIoT Influencer

I’m honored and super grateful to be named a Top 100 Industrial Internet of Things Influencer along with my company Ericsson by Onalytica.

Excited to see so many friends and colleagues that I’ve collaborated with in order to push the envelope in this important space including Rich Rogers, Peter Linder, Stacey Higginbotham, Peggy Smedley, Stephanie Atkinson, Kai Hackbarth, Carolina Rudinschi, Eric Simone, Rob van Kranenburg, Daniel Elizalde and others.

Check out the complete list of influencers and companies at https://onalytica.com/blog/posts/iiot-top-influencers/

IoT World Leader

Internet of Things World Leader of the Year

I’m honored to represent Ericsson as a finalist for the Internet of Things World “Leader of the Year” Award.

My colleagues and I are working hard to add the wireless network capacity, performance and low latency needed to make IoT broadly successful by driving 5G deployments combined with the global connection management needed to take the friction out of bootstrapping smart, connected devices.

At the same time I’m personally championing the use of Connected Intelligence to drive sustainability, fight climate change and help achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through The Moab Foundation.

I’m privileged to be nominated with such an amazing group of IoT visionaries and I’d really appreciate your vote at the link below: https://get.knect365.com/iot-world-awards/leader-2020-award-voting/solution-providers/

Australian Fires

Commitment to Combating Climate Change

In 2020 I’m committing to accelerate my efforts in combating climate change while helping to achieve many of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals #SDGs.

I’ll be fighting this fight with my time, talents, influence, and the help of friends, Ericsson, and the connected intelligence I’ve developed.

Let’s work through the myriad use cases that apply to each SDG, design the solutions, then roll up our sleeves and implement the appropriate technology to achieve sustainable outcomes. Low-cost, low-power compute, storage and networking combined with open source software.

I know if we all join together, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish. Our collective future depends on it.

Mobile Future Forward 2019

Sprint, Ericsson, and AT&T discuss 5G, IoT and Mobile Edge Computing at Mobile Future Forward.

At the 10th anniversary of Mobile Future Forward, I participated in a panel discussion covering the 5G Roadmap, Economics, and Opportunities with Chetan Sharma, T-Mobile VP Karri Kuoppamaki, Mavenir SVP John Baker, and former NEST CEO Marwan Fawaz.

Edge computing is going to play a big roll in the world of 5G and that ranges from microcontrollers on machines, gateways, and Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) at the edge of the cellular networks to provide low latency and reduce the load on backhaul networks.

Read FierceWireless Editor Monica Alleven’s coverage of the event to learn more.

Digital Transformation’s Impact on Business Models

At #IoT Week 2019 in Aarhus, Denmark, Mette Walsted Vestergaard moderated a panel discussion covering the Digital Transformation impact on our Business today and Future Business Models.

Listen to the audio of this insightful discussion below:

You can watch the video on the Siemens website at: https://new.siemens.com/dk/da/virksomhedsoplysninger/events/iot-week-2019.html

Panelists included:

  • Fredrik Ostbye from Grundfos
  • Bjarne Lykke-Sørensen from Siemens
  • Rob Tiffany from Ericsson

4IR IRL: The Impending Impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution

At Ericsson’s new D-Fifteen innovation and co-creation center in Silicon Valley, panelists for the 4IR IRL discussion provided an inside look at the strategies and use cases driving innovation.

Moderated by WIRED’s Editor-in-Chief, Nick Thompson, this lively debate across multiple technology disciplines was arguably the best panel I’ve ever served on. There was never a dull moment for the audience as we painted a picture of what the 4th Industrial Revolution will look like.

Watch the video below: