neXt Curve Webcast: Democratizing The Digital Twin

The Digital Twin is considered by some the next big thing since network slicing. Rob Tiffany, renowned IoT pioneer established the non-profit Moab Foundation to bring the bigness of digital twins to do good in the world.

The charter of the foundation aims to bring the benefits and enablement of IoT to bear in furthering the UN’s 17 SDG (Sustainable Development Goals). Rob and Leonard Lee of neXt Curve and Moab Foundation board member discuss the democratization of digital twins for humanity.

In the podcast, we addressed the following:

  • Background and overview of the Moab Foundation charter
  • What is a digital twin and why does it matter?
  • Rob’s vision for enabling SDGs with IoT and digital twins
  • How can you get engaged, get involved and benefit?

Your hosts include:

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