Sigfox and LoRaWAN

Sigfox and LoRaWAN represent two long range, low power, narrowband #wireless technologies to empower #IoT devices with communications capabilities. As long as your use case supports devices that sleep, wake up to send a few bytes of data and go back to sleep again, these might be offerings worth looking at. Getting 5+ years of battery life coupled with a wireless range of 10+ kilometers is pretty compelling.

Connecting Old-School Things

It’s important to remember that #IoT isn’t always about connecting new, modern devices to the Internet. In the #industrial world, companies don’t get rid of things the way a typical teenager does with a smartphone. True success comes from connecting systems, #protocols, #data formats and #communications technologies that have been around for decades.

Reduce Corporate Expenses by Mobile-Enabling Existing Business Systems with REST APIs

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Mobile-enable backend business systems by wrapping them with REST APIs that speak the same language as any #mobile device, browser or app.