Reduce Business Expenses and Accelerate Mobile Integration with Backend Servers

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Accelerate the mobile #integration and delivery of server resources to any #device utilizing #mobile middleware solutions like MEAP, MADP, MRAD or mBaaS.

Enterprise mobile apps don’t live in a vacuum. They typically communicate with a backend system. Some newer, vertically-integrated packages provide the backend system and mobile apps to get you up and running quickly. That said, most backend systems aren’t very helpful when it comes to talking to a variety of mobile devices.

There’s a class of mobile middleware systems that accelerate the development of connected enterprise apps. They simplify authentication with enterprise directories, deliver push notifications, provide adapters to connect to other disparate systems and facilitate data sync with devices to name a few. The first of these systems were called mobile enterprise application platforms (MEAP). Over time these systems evolved to something called mobile application development platform (MADP) to support a broader range of scenarios. Hallmarks of both MEAP and MADP was the use of proprietary technologies to rapidly create user interfaces and connect to backend systems. This made it harder to find developers since the programming environments were anything but mainstream. The newer, cloud-based iterations of these systems are called mobile backend as a service (mBaaS). This delivers half the solution as developers code with popular programming languages and interface with backend services via APIs from an mBaaS SDK. In case you need another four letter acronym to accelerate your development, check out the new class of mobile rapid application development tools (MRAD).

Reduce business expenses by getting your mobile solution to market faster with fewer development resources so you can start making money sooner. What is your company doing to accelerate mobile app development?

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Interview with Rob Tiffany at Tech Ed Europe

Microsoft TechEd

Check out the interview I did with David Goon at Tech Ed Europe 2009 in Berlin.

I discuss Microsoft’s Mobile Enterprise Application Platform and talk about how it aligns with Gartner’s MEAP critical capabilities and how it can save money for companies.

With the tidal wave of mobile and wireless technologies sweeping across both the consumer and enterprise landscapes, I believe MEAP offerings give us a glimpse of a new standard for designing all future infrastructures.

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