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Reduce Corporate Risk by Updating your Win32 Apps to Run on Secure Sandboxed Platforms

Migrate those Visual Basic, Delphi, VisualAge, PowerBuilder, #SQL Windows, JBuilder and Visual Cafe Win32 #applications to secure sandboxed #mobile apps.

Hope I didn’t leave out your favorite development tools from the 90s. The Mac stagnated, OS/2 didn’t capture market share and the inexpensive, developer-friendly Windows platform benefited. Companies all over the world deployed Windows 3.1 and then Windows 95 and NT. Easy to use, drag and drop development tools meant you didn’t have to have a computer science degree to build powerful apps. Desktop apps of varying quality spread like wildfire.

Apps back then could manipulate the operating system, talk directly to other apps and perform all kinds of insecure, destabilizing functions that gave rise to viruses, trojans and spyware that created chaos for IT and security professionals. Billions of dollars were lost over the decades due to this free-for-all model where apps could access any resource the user could. Modern mobile platforms don’t support this type of nonsense. The modern operating systems used by mobile professionals employ a sandboxing scheme for apps. This protects systems and users by limiting app privileges to their intended functionality and increases the difficulty for malicious software to compromise the platform. Apple and Microsoft go a step further by vetting all the apps that appear in their public stores. Apps can’t launch in memory unless they’re digitally signed.

Reduce risk to your organization by rewriting your apps for sandboxed platforms. What actions is your company taking to secure its apps, platforms and data?

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Book Cover

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