The Cloud is Dead, Long Live the Edge


We interrupt your regularly scheduled migration to the #cloud to bring you a much more important megatrend called the Internet of Things. #IoT

The Internet of Things demands a low-latency, distributed, peer-to-peer environment that can only be found in the fog layer via edge computing.

The Industrial Internet of Things is Like Football

Russell Wilson

The #Industrial Internet of Things is a lot like football. Sensors relay data to devices like a center hikes the ball to a quarterback. #IoT

Devices send telemetry to IIoT platforms like a quarterback passes the ball to a receiver. IIoT platforms ingest data like a receiver catches a pass. I think you get the idea.

Is your company enjoying positive outcomes through the use of an Industrial Internet of Things platform?

Make your Apps More Personal and Contextual or Risk Losing Customers

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Awaken those one-dimensional, client/server applications to all the #sensors found on #mobile devices that make them richly personal.

The desktop apps of the 90s could really only sense mouse clicks. While they could communicate over dial-up modems, those apps were unable to discern the world around them until smartphones arrived and became the most personal computing platform ever. Sensors helped make smartphones disruptive and they will do the same for all the apps you’re migrating:

  • Barometer: Apps can detect elevation or changing weather conditions
  • Camera: Apps can take photos, videos, scan 2D/3D barcodes and authenticate via facial recognition
  • Microphone: Apps can respond to commands via Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana, or Google Now
  • Accelerometer: Apps can measure steps, switch from portrait to landscape, respond to device position, and control in-app, game or drone behavior
  • Magnetometer/Compass: Apps know direction
  • Gyroscope: Apps can detect movement
  • GPS: Apps know where you are and how to get you where you’re going with maps
  • Proximity: Apps change behavior when your phone is close to something
  • Bluetooth: Apps can pair with other devices, stream audio and respond to beacons
  • Wireless radios: Apps can connect to anything
  • Fingerprint scanner: Apps can authenticate users biometrically and authorize purchases

Improve user experience by taking advantage of sensors that help employees and customers complete tasks more quickly. What is your company doing to enrich its mobile apps?

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Internet of Things Thought Leaders to Watch In the Next 4 Years

IoT Thought Leaders

I’m thrilled and humbled to be named one of the world’s 29 top Internet of Things thought leaders. #IoT

This distinguished list compiled by DADO Labs includes the following IoT luminaries:

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