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Manufacturing Happy Hour

Submarines IoT and Intrapreneurship with Rob Tiffany

Chris Luecke and I chat about everything from submarines and the Navy to IoT, intrapreneurship, and saving the world. We talk about how I first got started in the world of IoT and manufacturing after a career in the Navy working on submarines. I share some insights into the early days of smartphone manufacturing, how ‘trains as a service’ became a thing in Europe, the roadblocks in IoT’s way, and much more.

Lessons Learned from a Submarine and the Heroic Internet on the IoT Unicorn Podcast

In this episode, Rob Tiffany from @Ericsson and Pete Bernard from @Microsoft explore the development of #5G and #LPWA technology for #IoT solutions.

Pete and Rob discuss what it looks like for Telcos to be successful in the IoT space, and how the Internet is playing the hero during the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic.