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Reduce Risk to Your Business by Ensuring Your EMM Package can Block Malicious Apps

To prevent malicious apps from attacking corporate assets, get an #EMM solution that disables #mobile #app stores while blacklisting and whitelisting apps.

Despite what you’re thinking, malicious apps may be one of the biggest threats your mobile enterprise will face. You might believe that device encryption, the use of a PIN to logon and utilizing a VPN to connect to your corporate network means your safe. You’re not.

Within the security envelope your device has created, a rogue app could still drive a truck through your VPN tunnel and attack internal assets. Users routinely download apps without paying attention to the list of permissions and capabilities the app is asking for. They can’t be bothered. What could possibly go wrong with the simple drawing app that somehow needs network access and the ability to read your contacts?

While it’s the job of your company’s mobile COE to vet apps used by employees for work, it’s good to have a backup plan. When performing due diligence on EMM packages for your company, make sure blacklisting and whitelisting are supported to prevent users from downloading objectionable apps. Additionally, EMM packages must prevent rogue apps from launching in the event an employee has already downloaded it. To ensure employees can only use a curated, internal enterprise app store, the ability to disable access to public app stores may also be a requirement. Clearly, this flies in the face of BYOD and some employees may reject having this functionality on their device. Containers may be better in some cases.

Protect corporate systems and reduce risk to your company by blocking apps containing code that can inflict harm. What is your organization doing to protect itself from malicious apps unwittingly downloaded by employees?

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