Keeping Windows 8 Tablets in Sync with SQL Server 2012

Keeping Windows 8 Tablets in Sync with SQL Server 2012:
Private and Hybrid Cloud Solutions for the Mobile Enterprise

Give your company a competitive advantage by creating mobile business apps for the world’s first enterprise-class tablet.

Keeping Windows 8 Tablets in Sync with SQL Server 2012

What you’ll Learn

  • Use Hyper-V to create a virtualized SQL Server, Active Directory, and IIS infrastructure that runs either in a private cloud or Windows Azure to support public and hybrid cloud scenarios
  • Microsoft wireless data sync and mobile database technologies accelerate your time to market while reducing risk to your solutions
  • Rapidly create immersive Windows 8 tablet apps with .NET 4.5, C# and Visual Studio 2012
  • Modern UI design principles empower you to deliver an aesthetically pleasing UX intended for touch

The Value Prop

  • Unlock the value of your company’s back end systems by securely delivering critical data to employees in the field so they can make decisions at the point of activity
  • Security is ensured at every tier of the solution with password protected and encrypted data-at-rest, TLS protected data-in-transit, plus corporate network authentication and authorization via Active Directory
  • Companies save money by leveraging their existing Microsoft server assets, IT Pro training, and the same .NET development skills used to build Windows and Windows Mobile apps over the last decade
  • Corporate investment in Windows 7 laptops and tablets is secured since the touch-first apps described in this book are backwards-compatible and work perfectly with a keyboard and mouse

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