Pocket PC Database Development with eMbedded Visual Basic

Pocket PC Database Development with eMbedded Visual Basic

The Pocket PC is the fastest growing platform for building handheld-based enterprise applications. Free from the memory limitations and underpowered processors of other handheld platforms, Pocket Access and eMbedded Visual Basic are providing the Pocket PC with the same one-two punch that Microsoft Access and Visual Basic gave Windows application development in the early 1990s. As the first rapid application development tool for the Pocket PC, eMbedded Visual Basic increases developer productivity and allows for the creation of a wide range of database applications to empower an increasingly mobile workforce.

Pocket PC Database Development with eMbedded Visual Basic

This is the first book on the market to focus on Pocket PC development using Microsoft’s free eMbedded Visual Basic 3.0. Pocket PC Database Development with eMbedded Visual Basic is designed to get software developers up to speed building Pocket Access database applications using eMbedded Visual Basic on the Pocket PC. Author Rob Tiffany has put his own Visual Basic background to work in developing advanced Pocket PC applications for large energy companies. It’s from this perspective that he guides professional Visual Basic and Access programmers into the world of Pocket PC software development.

This book ramps up your skills in fast-paced but pragmatic fashion. After describing the subset of the SQL language that Pocket PC developers need to know, the author guides you through Microsoft’s ADOCE and ActiveSync technologies with no-nonsense examples. Tiffany effectively shares his “been there, done that” experience to help programmers avoid the shoals can sink efforts to build Pocket PC applications that communicate with either local Pocket Access databases or remote SQL Server databases.

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