Improve Employee Productivity by Enhancing Corporate Infrastructure to Support BYOD

The “Bring your own Device” #BYOD #mobile phenomenon has moved employees from 1:1 PC computing to 5:1 mobility requiring enhanced infrastructure & #cloud workloads.

More and more BYOD employees are using their own laptops, tablets and smartphones to access corporate data, apps and other services to do their jobs. It started with email in the early 2000s, progressed to synched calendars and contacts, the mobile web and then an explosion of apps. This transformation took employees from Ethernet-connected PCs to multiple, wireless-connected mobile devices.

Imagine you live in a city with 100,000 citizens. Over the course of just a few years, the population swells to 500,000. Asleep at the wheel, city leaders and civil servants didn’t build new roads, add mass-transit, increase the sewer systems or deploy new power cabling to meet the needs of this larger city. This reflects the infrastructures of most corporations today.

The BYOD tsunami combined with the impact of the Cloud and IoT requires significant infrastructure upgrades in order to cope:

  • More bandwidth via redundant, Internet connected and private fiber circuits.
  • Faster routers, switches, proxies and firewalls with increased capacity.
  • A managed Wi-Fi infrastructure using multiple channels, higher access point density and the most bandwidth possible.
  • Dramatically beefed-up DNS, email and line of business servers with shorter DHCP leases.

Improve User Productivity by building a corporate infrastructure that supports the unique needs of today’s BYOD workforce. What kinds of improvements has your organization made to its infrastructure to handle of onslaught of mobile and IoT devices?

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