Improve Employee Productivity at your Company by Implementing a Hybrid Identity Strategy

#Identity and Access Management is key to facilitating employee access to corporate and 3rd party resources from any #mobile device on any #network.

Most of you are well-versed at entering user names and passwords to access social media and banking sites from your desktop browser. Based on the identity you provide; you’re given access to those sites. Some of you in the corporate world might know what it means to join your computer to a Domain. Your company has you do this so you only have to enter your credentials once, while getting access to multiple servers. This is called single sign-on (SSO) and it uses a directory service.

With people moving to myriad mobile devices and enterprise workloads moving to the cloud, the SSO technologies of the past require retooling. To make this work in a heterogeneous world, security tokens using Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) that work with any operating system are needed. A Secure Token Service (STS) is employed to issue tokens to clients on behalf of a secure software service.

Today, you need a cloud-based directory service to manage users, groups and roles. It must provide hybrid identity by synchronizing with on-premises directories so users can seamlessly authenticate whether they’re inside the corporate WLAN or roaming on mobile data networks. Additionally, it must provide users with SSO to apps and services residing in other clouds. Finally, this service must support multi-factor authentication (MFA) which requires something a user has (a phone), something they know (a PIN) or something they are (biometrics) to secure corporate resources.

Reduce risk and improve user productivity by restricting corporate access to those employees with credentials found in cloud and on-premises directories. What is your company doing to provide secure access to its business systems from any device?

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