IoT Day Slam 2020: Applying IoT Solutioning Principles to Kill the COVID-19 Curve

The SARS COVID-19 virus pandemic is the greatest challenge of our time.  The disease has spread to over 180 countries across the globe paralyzing economies and societies big and small at digital speed at the cost of trillions of economic value before. 

The virus has proven to be a formidable “invisible enemy” but how do you gain control of a slow-rolling natural disaster that the WHO has deemed controllable.  Principles and patterns of applying IoT technologies and solution frameworks can help government, healthcare and disease control agencies to gain visibility to the progress and spread of the virus. 

On this panel, Leonard Lee, Jim Sabogal, and I discuss possibilities that should be explored to gain visibility of COVID-19 so that countries around the world can develop informed strategies and the real-time insights needed to orchestrate and deploy scarce resources in mitigating and controlling the most destructive and disruptive natural disaster in modern history.

Click here to check out the video presentation.

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