It’s Time for one Mobile Database to Rule Them All

Migrate Win32 applications using a mobile #database like FoxPro, dBase, Access and #SQL Server Compact to #SQLite across all #mobile devices.

If it weren’t for desktop databases and learning SQL, my career as a developer may never have launched. I learned dBase for DOS in college, moved on to Paradox when Windows arrived on the scene and then fell in love with Access. I want to take this moment to say “I’m sorry” to all the IT departments that watched in horror as workgroup-level Access databases spread like wildfire on NetWare, Windows for Workgroups and NT servers to take over the corporate world. Employees who weren’t developers or DBAs were empowered to build their own solutions.

When devices for the mobile enterprise arrived in the late 90s and early 2000s, new databases like Sybase SQL Anywhere and Microsoft SQL Server Compact picked up where their desktop forbearers left off. These tiny relational engines brought serious business apps to life with built-in data sync with server databases. Today, platforms like iOS, Android and Windows are the biggest game in town and the only mobile database that runs on all of them is SQLite. From a pragmatic standpoint, this open source, cross-platform database with ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) support should be your choice to give enterprise mobile data apps the broadest reach. Don’t worry about SQLite just being the database flavor of the week. It supports SQL-92 and works with most programming languages. It has a public domain license and has been around since the year 2000. It also happens to be the most widely deployed database in the world.

Improve user productivity and increase revenue by using a mobile database that works with every device and keeps your apps working with or without connectivity. Which desktop, mobile or embedded databases are you currently using?

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