Mobile Apps Must be Instrumented Just Like IoT Devices

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Just like #IoT devices, #mobile apps should be instrumented to send usage, feedback, error and engagement telemetry to analytic systems.

Instrument everything!

While many developers have written code or used frameworks to log errors, they only scratched the surface when it comes to the amount and types of metrics an app should capture. Beyond data collection, apps must stream telemetry back to analytic systems to benefit marketers, product managers, the QA team and developers. This is all about gleaning insights and improving the app and user experience you’re delivering to your customers and employees.

Capture the following app metrics:

  • Runtime errors and fatal crashes to help developers find the root cause of bugs
  • User feedback and app ratings (stars)
  • Task completion rates
  • Passive sentiment via app engagement depth and duration
  • Sales conversions
  • App launch rates, usage patterns and where users are clicking
  • Underlying operating systems, devices, mobile operators, app versions, available memory, CPU usage and power management data

In addition to passively capturing metrics, actively engage users via push notifications to ask for feedback.

Improve user productivity through app instrumentation to create a feedback loop that continuously enhances the quality, usability and performance for customers and employees. Does the organization where you work instrument all its mobile apps?

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