Mobile World Congress 2017 in Pictures

Welcome to beautiful Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2017 where this year’s event was more about IoT, VR, 5G and AR while less about Mobile.

Fira Gran Via

Entrance to the event at the giant Fira Gran Via

SAP's Amisha Gandhi

Interview with SAP’s Amisha Gandhi discussing IoT

Lenovo Moto

Lenovo is still trying to keep Motorola relevant in the smartphone market


Sony shipped new smartphones but I’m not sure if anyone noticed

Samsung VR

Samsung is taking people for a ride with their VR technology


Qualcomm is talking about 5G


Intel is also talking about 5G


Nokia is talking about MulteFire LTE running in unlicensed spectrum

IoT Stars

Serving as a judge at IoT Stars hearing pitches from promising IoT startups


Sitting in a Scania connected truck


Harman is connecting cars and much more (even industrial IoT stuff)


Ericsson wants to help connect all your things globally


Gemalto wants to help you with security and connectivity

VMware's Mimi Spier

Interview with VMware IoT VP Mimi Spier

Nokia 3310

Nokia brings back the 3310

LoRa Alliance

The LoRa Alliance is making great headway in the narrowband IoT space


Libelium is the “go to” company to get all your smart city sensors

Vibration Powered

A vibration-powered device with GPS, LoRa and other sensors onboard


Attack of the drones


LG tries to get “fly” with its G6

Kevin Benedict

IoT + AI interview with Kevin Benedict from Cognizant


Sigfox is the LoRa pride of France and is disrupting mobile operators

Fira Montjuic

Head down the street to Fira Montjuic to see where the 4YFN action is at


The Four Years from Now (4YFN) event is where you want to go to see what the newest startups are working on

4YFN Domes

Listen to great speakers in the 4YFN workshop domes

All in all, Mobile World Congress + 4YFN were great events this year and served as a good opportunity to connect with customers, partners and analysts while learning about new technologies.

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