Reduce Corporate Risk by Enforcing Security Policies on Mobile Apps with MAM

To enforce policies on individual #mobile apps, get an #EMM solution with #MAM capabilities to prevent #data leaking from corporate to personal.

Mobile App Management (MAM) allows IT departments to protect corporate data without having to manage the whole device like you would with MDM. Since apps are the delivery mechanism of business data to employees, the thinking is, if you can lock down the apps, you can lock down the data. You may not need MDM anymore.

The BYOD phenomenon has IT departments concerned about the co-mingling of personal and business apps and data. EMM and mobile operating system vendors have tackled this data loss prevention (DLP) problem with variety of approaches ranging from the use of a Chinese wall to proprietary versions of public apps. The MAM component of EMM delivers:

  • An enterprise app store where employees can select internally and externally developed apps and websites
  • Encrypted containers dividing a mobile device into business and personal workspaces where data cannot be shared
  • Ability to allow or block the opening of business documents and the copying & pasting of data between apps
  • Selective wipe of corporate email, apps, data, certs and management policies
  • Secure PIM
  • App wrapping with or without an SDK
  • Apps that prompt for a PIN for devices that aren’t configured to prompt for credentials

Reduce risk to your organization by securing your mobile apps and the data they deliver to your employees with a protective envelope. What is your organization doing to mobile apps and data safe?

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