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In this week’s installment Stephanie Atkinson (Compass Intelligence), David Vasquez (Verizon), Leonard Lee (neXt Curve), Marc Pous (balena.io) and Rob Tiffany (Ericsson) talk about the application of IoT in supply chain and logistics. We delve into the legacy of the whole thing, why it is something that the IoT community always gets excited about, as well as some of the factors that make it difficult. 

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VendLink Brought the Internet of Things to Life in the 1990s

The Internet of Things was launched in the early 1990s at a company called Real Time Data. #IoT

This was my first startup after getting out of the military. We brought vending machines to life with embedded software and hardware, early wireless data technology, and graphical software running on Windows.

Our IoT technology allowed operators to know the current state of their vending machines from across town or even across the country. This revolutionary service reduced costs, increased sales and enhanced customer satisfaction.

With VendLink up and running, route drivers only had to visit their vending machines when they needed restocking or mechanical service. Yes, we accurately predicted machine failures without Machine Learning technology. Furthermore, we learned customer preferences to deliver more of the products that people wanted which made each vending machine more profitable.

Reduce Business Expenses by Deploying Mobile Middleware in the Enterprise

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#Mobile middleware provides intelligent aggregation of backend #business #data while reducing duplication of field data entry.

Requiring employees to connect to multiple backend systems, one at a time, to complete their tasks is wasteful. Furthermore, forcing each mobile app to aggregate disparate data from ERP, CRM, supply chain, and others places results in high latency and is prone to security flaws. Wouldn’t it be nice if an app could make a single connection to an on-premises or cloud-based server to transparently exchange data with multiple backend systems?

Mobile middleware systems make this complicated task a reality. Through the use of adapters that interface with a variety of backend packages, databases, message buses and other systems of record, mobile middleware acts as an intermediary. Just the right data from a combination of systems can be aggregated for seamless synchronization by a mobile app that only has to deal with one server. Since the mobile app isn’t tightly-coupled to any of those backend data sources, they can be modified or swapped out.

This architecture also benefits anyone who has had to enter redundant data into multiple backend systems. Now, the mobile app sends captured data just once and the middleware takes care directing copies of certain data elements to other systems. Field workers no longer have to return to the office at the end of the day to perform duplicate data entry.

Improve user productivity and cut costs by reducing overtime work through the elimination of unnecessary employee tasks. Which mobile middleware systems is your organization putting in place to optimize its processes?

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