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Trentatre Rosso is the Best Wine Value in the World

Trentatre Rosso

Trentatre is a beautiful, dry red wine from the Apulia region of Southern Italy on the Adriatic Sea.

The name “Trentatre” means “Thirtythree” in Italian.  This represents a wine made up of 3 equal parts Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Montepulciano.  In other words, 33% each, give or take.

Trentatre Rosso

I’ve been buying this wine from Trader Joe’s since the 2007 vintage.  No matter what vintage is available on the shelves, it never fails to impress.  Year-in and year-out, I’m always able to award it between 90-92 points.  The amazing surprise is that this wine only costs $5.99.  I can’t think of any other kind of liquid I could buy as cheaply in a 750 ML bottle.  I’ve spent hundreds more on bottles of wine that can’t compare to Trentatre.  Trust me, I routinely drink the best wines that France, California, Italy, and Walla Walla have to offer.

I’m currently drinking a 2010 vintage with soft tannins and a perfect finish for such a young wine.  I love it with pizza and so will you.  I want to send out big “Grazie” to the winemakers!

– Ciao


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10 thoughts on “Trentatre Rosso is the Best Wine Value in the World”

  1. I would emphatically have to agree. I go for awhile drinking other wines, always more expensive, and when I come back to Trentatre I ask myself each time — Why did I stray?
    They never measure up — most of the time in quality — always in value.

    Our little secret. May they never run dry over there in Apulia!

  2. Yes, Trentatre is a superb and economical choice!


    David B. Givens
    Center for Nonverbal Studies
    Spokane, Washington USA

  3. I bought a bottle recently and opened it up a minute ago. I couldn’t believe my taste and jumped right on the Internet. Such a shame that I discovered this at the age of 54. Was I sleeping all the time ?!

  4. I also have just DISCOVERED this wonderful, pallet-pleasing and superbly affordable wine.
    Count my in as a “33” devotee.

    TJ’s is one of the very BEST places to find really GOOD wine choices, at very ‘bargain’ prices!

  5. Wow! What a great red!!! We’ve been drinking other reds that were much more expensive (Zens, Cabs, Pinot’s, but they were just…. well, just good. 33 is fantastic! My first taste.. before I even let it totally breath was OMG! It is this kind of wine that makes the search worth the catch! Too bad it is after 9pm or I’d be back at TJ’s buying a case. I guess there is always tomorrow.

    1. Oh WOW … Picked this bottle up tonight from TJs after buying into the tag line , thinking it may b “OK” at its worst if I don’t believe the hype , but WOW …. I guess I WILL serve this after all at my dinner party next weekend . All smiles.

  6. Where is this wine available now? I stopped by Trader Joe’s a couple of days ago, and was told that they no longer carry it!
    I thought it was delicious and I also like the value. Is there any other seller in Western WA?

    Thank you.

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