Improve User Productivity by Utilizing Cloud Services to Better Serve Mobile Employees

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#Mobile employees working around the world are best served by globally distributed #cloud services + replicated #data with low #network latency.

Your organization may have customers and employees distributed all over the world. These people have neither the time nor the patience to wait for data to travel great distances over land or though undersea cables. If your business is currently serving your constituents via an on-premises network or a regional data center, you’re not being responsive to their needs.

Take advantage of services provided by top-tier cloud providers with data centers distributed throughout the world. Narrow your list based on analyst and other trusted reviews of Platform as a Service (PaaS/Cloud development) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS/Virtualization) capabilities. Further narrow the list based on network capacity, redundancy, disaster recovery, data handling, support your existing server operating systems, databases, programming languages, and connectors to line of business systems.

Whether lifting and shifting existing systems or building new ones in the cloud, you must go beyond just load-balancing within one or two data centers. Your websites and APIs must be distributed globally so customers and employees are automatically directed to the nearest data centers for the best performance. Additionally, the databases that power these systems must be replicated everywhere so everyone is looking at the same data. One word of caution I’d pass along is to be cognizant of data sovereignty requirements that may limit data flow to a particular region or country.

Improve user productivity and increase revenue by providing fast and reliable access to corporate data to employees anywhere in the world. What is your organization doing to support its global workforce?

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