Your Win32 Apps are Broken so Break them Up to Improve Employee Productivity

Replace your large, complex, monolithic Win32 #apps that still provide #business value with multiple, single-purpose #mobile apps.

I was involved in the architecture and development of some really large systems for some of the world’s largest companies. The user interfaces for all these systems had hundreds of screens. People with various job functions, from multiple departments, looking for different outcomes might all use the same app. These massive systems tried to be all things to everyone. Employees working in multiple departments found themselves using the same giant app despite never interacting with similar screens or workflows to perform their jobs. Expensive, time-consuming training was always required.

Mobile doesn’t work this way. Users expect apps to perform discrete tasks for a specific set of users. This increases efficiency while reducing confusion and training requirements. Mobile users will reject a 400 screen app on their smartphone. This means you won’t be successful turning a giant desktop app into a giant mobile app. Analyze those large, monolithic apps and see where you can break them apart along lines of functionality, users to be served, and tasks to be accomplished. Your analysis may reveal that some of those apps should be broken into dozens, or more, mobile apps to keep things simple and your employees productive.

Improve user productivity by making apps easier to use and eliminate training to reduce expenses by breaking complex apps into multiple, simple apps. What is your organization doing simplify apps for its employees?

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