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Internet of Things

Washington IoT Council Hangout

I chat with Rex St John in the first Washington IoT Council Hangout where we discuss nuclear submarines, life under the sea, #IoT, #Sustainability, #5G and much more!

The Internet of Things (IoT) Conversation

Just before COVID-19, we had a conversation with #IoT Pioneer and bestselling author Rob Tiffany. He’s a #technology executive, #digital strategist and U.S. Navy Submarine Veteran. We discuss his journey to #mobile, connecting IoT, using IoT to combat #climatechange, his #submarine days and much more!

IoT Smoke Detector

For most people, the home smoke detector is the first Internet of Things #IoT sensor/device they’ve ever come in contact with.

Connected Intelligence

Common Sense Connected Intelligence for 2020

When it comes to Connected Intelligence technologies like #Mobile, #5G and the #InternetOfThings, I’m all about moving the “Value Needle” as quickly, easily and sustainably as possible.

The Internet of Things is Simple

At its most basic level, the Internet of Things is about remotely knowing things, locating things, controlling things, and measuring things. #IoT

The Wisdom of Warren Buffet in Tech

You often hear me encourage you to go after the high-value, low-tech, use-cases in #IoT such as remote monitoring coupled with simple threshold/value-matching analytics to cut costs, reduce risks and improve customer satisfaction.